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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage to soothe customers in the Coffs Harbour area

Remedial Message — My Massage Coffs in Sapphire Beach, NSW
Remedial massage is a healing massage therapy that works to treat tense, damaged, immobile or knotted muscles. At My Massage Coffs, we aim to ease the muscle pain and tension in each of our customers, assessing their needs and creating a unique care plan.

The massage therapists at My Massage are qualified to provide this type of pain-relieving massage to an exceptionally high standard. We are also authorised health fund rebate providers, making this treatment easy to access, both in-clinic and at home.

Ease your sore muscles by letting our qualified massage therapists locate and repair damaged areas of your body, targeting problems that affect muscles, tendons and even bones.
A remedial massage can offer a variety of benefits, such as repairing damaged tissues, increasing joint mobility, and stimulating blood supply. This type of massage therapy can also assist with easing headaches, lower back pain, sciatic pain, and abdominal pain.

During this treatment, we apply pressure to the affected areas, that can either be strong and deep or gentle and shallow, depending on your particular needs. We also use a variety of different techniques depending on the area, and may even stretch different parts of your body.

Our aim is to balance the tone and tension of your muscles and tendons. This in turn can increase blood flow, help heal injuries, and potentially even restore the correct position of bones.

These massages are different to the relaxation service we offer in that the treatment and methods used are more direct. Relaxation massages are performed with smooth strokes and all kneading or removal of knots is gentle.

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