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Full body, deep tissue & hot stone massage in Coffs Harbour

At My Massage Coffs, we provide a variety of different massage types to clients throughout Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area.

Whether you're looking to relax, ease muscle pain, or nurture your body, we have a muscle therapy that's right for your situation—and can personalise a treatment plan to your needs.

Contact us today to book a soothing massage session in our boutique studio or the comfort of your own home.


Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage is a great addition to any athlete's training program. It can help with muscle recovery between training sessions, improve flexibility and boost circulation which can help muscle injuries recover faster. This type of massage will often include passive and manual stretches by the therapist and joint mobilisation techniques.

The treatment is adapted accordingly for pre or post sporting events. Deep tissue techniques can also be incorporated and will assist the athlete to address any injuries and to reduce the formation of scar tissue.




This style of massage promotes stress release, boosts circulation and is deeply calming and relaxing. It's suited to anyone with a hectic lifestyle or who simply enjoys a soothing and calming treatment.

Usually incorporating the full body, gentle but firm pressure is used to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and provide stress relief. Most beneficial as a 90-minute treatment, we can also incorporate the use of hot stones if desired.




If you have one or two specific areas that need to be addressed, but also need to unwind, relax and rid the body of stress and tension, then a combination treatment is for you.

This massage is adapted to your specific areas of pain, injury or discomfort, and completed with relaxation techniques to fully ease the body of built up muscle tension and stress.


Pre- & Post-natal Massage

This specialised treatment is provided to assist mothers and mothers-to-be to support the rapid bodily changes that occur during and after pregnancy. This massage is deeply nurturing, supportive and can assist mothers with lower back and sciatic pain, shoulder and neck pain from breastfeeding, fluid retention in the later stages of pregnancy, improved sleep patterns, and reduce physical stress.

It is a wonderful way for new mums to relax and take some time to look after their own health.



Hot Stone Massage

A deeply calming massage treatment that uses heated basalt stones to gently sooth tired and aching muscles and provide deep relaxation. Shaped stones are used for easing muscle soreness with the added benefit of heat therapy to encourage muscle relaxation and lengthening. This is a must if you have never tried it!



Mobile Massage

Massages in home or at holiday accommodation are available for 2 or more persons. Great for groups on holidays, or for busy parents and couples who need to manage their time with children.

These appointments are not available to book online, so please call to arrange your in-home massage appointment, and to confirm if mobile massage is available in your suburb or holiday accommodation.

Minimum of two persons is required for mobile massage appointments. See the mobile massage page for pricing and more information.


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a targeted treatment that addresses specific pain and dysfunction. It works to relieve muscle tightness and tension and is a focused treatment for specific muscle groups and areas of pain.

Common areas for this type of treatment are neck, shoulders, lower back and sciatic pain, though any area of the body suffering from muscle tension and pain can be addressed with this type of treatment.

See the remedial massage page for pricing and more information.